How to check “if null” in Dataweave

How to check if something is null in Dataweave? You can discover several options through this article in less than 5 minutes of reading.

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How to remove or add nested fields with Dataweave

How to remove or add nested fields with Dataweave from your payload and or variables? This article will teach you how to do that in simple and immediate steps!

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How to use VM arguments in Dataweave

Are you wondering how to use VM arguments of your Mule application into Dataweave expressions and scripts? In this article, I’ll show you how simple the process is.

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Dataweave how to handle specific key from an object

Are you willing to handle a specific key from an object? Given a JSON object, you’re eager to remove a particular key? Otherwise, are you attempting to rename it? What if you’re willing to transform an array object attribute into a string? In this article, I would like to share my “How(s) to” with you.

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