Service Oriented Architecture

We can support you in the entire set up of a service oriented architecture from the governance to the technical level.
Discover our innovative bottom-up approach to SOA, which will allow you to avoid large up-front budget and vendor lock-in whilst generating quick wins thanks to an iterative approach.

Application Integration

Our extensive experience and track records in the integration of applications will help you evaluate, select and implement an API Platform or even similar solutions. This will reduce the development efforts and time to market through the application' interoperability.

Performance and Scalability

In today's digital world people want to access the information as fast as possible. Performance is becoming a selling point of many digital products. We can help you make a difference by auditing your current infrastructure and giving you insight on what you can improve and how to set it into motion. We have developed key partnerships with industry leaders and an extensive experience with several types of tools from reverse caching systems to parallel programming techniques and frameworks.

Api and Web security by design

When designing architectures you must make sure that performance does not mean opting for less security. By leveraging our extensive knowledge of web and API security as well as European and international regulations and laws, we can make sure that your architecture is less exposed to the risks linked to both hacking and potential regulations' violations.
Furthermore, thanks to our knowledge in information security management practices, we can support CISOs' with the risk assessment of complex SOA and/or event driven architectures.

About Us

Cap4 Lab helps customers unlock their potential in the development of new API and Integration Strategies.

From the design of the governance processes to the implementation of robust and secure cutting-edge technologies, Cap4 Lab is a reference in systems architecture and integration.

Cap4 Lab's extensive experience in multiple sectors and its strong focus on security by design is the distinctive trait that makes of Cap4 Lab a strategic partner for the definition and implementation of your API Strategy.

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Varnish Software is the company behind Varnish Cache, a widely trusted open source web accelerator, significantly enhancing web and API performance for online businesses. Our certified varnish administrators can help you boost your digital business and activities.


Our certified MuleSoft developers can help ensure your IT infrastructure is aligned with your business needs and generates value for the organization. More specifically, our solutions include implementation, integration, architecture, design and consulting for all MuleSoft products.


CryptnDrive enables secure exchange and sharing of information. The data and files are encrypted directly in your web browser before leaving your computer (using ElGamal 2048 and AES 256). The integrated digital quorum escrow (Inria / CNRS patent) allows control and recovery of shared resources in compliance with the GDPR regulation, thanks to the approval mechanism of the quorum administrators and the cryptographic proof.


Our certified Salesforce experts, specialized in Sales , Marketing and Manufacturing cloud will help you and your business to better connect and engage with customers and partners as well as take advantage of the Salesforce Platform to better optimize and streamline internal processes.

Latest Posts

23 Nov 2021

How to convert datetime <= to => Active Directory LDAP Win32 Filetime

At some point, while developing a Mule application for Active Directory, it's almost inevitable that you'll need to manipulate Win32 FILETIME. In this article, we will see how to read/convert datetime to Active Directory timestamps and what is all about!

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26 Apr 2021

The University of Luxembourg Competence Centre launches a free Machine Learning online training based on industrial data, in collaboration with Cap4 Lab

The aim of this new training, focusing essentially on the Industrial Environment, is to teach how to create predictive models for future events with real-world data sets.

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