Cap4 Lab announces the opening of its Chinese subsidiary: Kai Fu Yun

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Cap4 Lab announces the opening of its Chinese subsidiary: Kai Fu Yun

As an international provider of Salesforce and MuleSoft services, Cap4 Lab has expanded its global presence by opening new offices in Shanghai, China. The move is part of the company's strategy to deepen relationships with existing clients and build new partnerships with local companies.

Cap4 Lab has been operating in the software development industry for almost a decade, providing high value-added operational consulting services to renowned clients worldwide. The company's success has been built on its ability to understand clients' needs and deliver customized software solutions that meet their specific requirements.

With Kai Fu Yun (凯赴云), the name given to the Chinese entity, Cap4 Lab aims to strengthen its presence in the Chinese market and provide better support to its existing clients in the region. The company recognizes the importance of building strong relationships with clients and partners, and the new office will enable Cap4 Lab to provide a more localized and personalized service to its clients in China.

In addition to serving existing clients, Kai Fu Yun is also looking to build new partnerships with local companies in Shanghai and the surrounding area. The company sees great potential in the Asian market and is committed to expanding its operations in the region with its other office in Hong Kong. 

Under the leadership of David Angrisano, Country Manager in China, the new office has been operational since the beginning of May and is currently recruiting new staff to join its team in China. The company, headed by Fabien Zuili and Mauro Rocco, is committed to providing a supportive and collaborative work environment for its employees, as it does in all of its offices, and is looking for talented individuals who share its values and vision for the future.