Cap4 Lab announces a new company shareholder

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Cap4 Lab announces a new company shareholder

Cap4 Lab is proud to announce the appointment of a new shareholder, Pablo Bellissimo, who is officially joining Mauro Rocco and Fabien Zuili on the Board as from December 2020.

Pablo has been working for Cap4 Lab since the very beginning in March 2017 and this appointment comes as a recognition for his hard work, continuous motivation and expertise. "Pablo Bellissimo is the perfect example of a trustful and dedicated employee all companies would dream to have. His competencies in the field of API are part of our success and we are delighted to give him a part of Cap4 Lab”, say Fabien and Mauro.

The path of Pablo is definitely a success story. Starting as an integration engineer, then one year later becoming CTO to be today Principal Solution Architect of Benelux. His high competencies and knowledge within the API field have allowed him to support clients and train consultants. He has been ensuring the service quality of Cap4 Lab while keeping his role of senior integration engineer. “Pablo is a swiss knife and has more than one string to his bow”, states Mauro Rocco, CEO of Cap4 Lab.

“He has always worked really hard, like it was his own company. The decision to give him a percentage of our company was an easy one. We are delighted to have him by our side”, comments Fabien Zuili, CEO of Cap4 Group.

Cap4 Lab’s DNA is to empower its employees and recognise their successes. “We are constantly working to offer them a working environment that values ​​personal initiatives, the free flow of ideas and confidence their own talents”, says Fabien.

“Fabien and Mauro are real leaders who push employees to the top. They made me get out of my comfort zone a number of times, which has helped me a lot in my daily work. Today, I am more confident, and I gained a lot of soft skills. I am learning constantly. It is one of the reasons I thrive in my work”, concludes Pablo