Paperjam workshop: API strategy and security in practice

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Paperjam workshop: API strategy and security in practice

Where: NEUMËNSTER28, Rue de Münster2160 Luxembourg

When: 16 May 2018 -  from 14:00 to 17:15


In today competitive and connected world a digital strategy is a must have for every business, therefore in order to succeed, IT infrastructure and organisation needs to be more flexible and reactive.

Discover how you can implement in practice a successful API strategy to reduce your time to market and focus more on innovation than maintenance by enabling self service of resources. We will dive in the architectural and operational aspects of an API strategy implementation with a strong focus on all the security aspects of sharing data with third parties.


  • Mauro Rocco, CTO at Cap4 Group and Cap4 Lab CEO
  • Pablo Bellissimo, Security Engineer at Cap4 Lab


  • What is an API strategy and why is critical for your digital business;
  • API architecture and implementation details;
  • API lifecycle management;
  • How to securely expose APIs to partners and customers.