15 May 2019

Cap4 Lab announce partnership with EMPAUA

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Berlin & Luxembourg City - May 15, 2019

Cap4 Lab are pleased to announce they have entered a strategic partnership with EMPAUA, combining EMPAUA’s industry-leading Salesforce consulting and implementation services with Cap4 Lab’s Mulesoft architecture and delivery expertise.

In a world where technology plays an increasing impact on the effectiveness of businesses, and where companies are fine-tuning technology stacks to meet the ever growing needs, the EMPAUA-Cap4Lab-partnership will especially impact companies that are realising the potential of Salesforce and Mulesoft. More and more companies accelerate growth by harnessing the right balance of cloud technology to meet business, customer and market requirements.

This partnership brings together deep skills and experience in technology strategy, innovation direction, development and deployment to deliver project aiming at the digital transformation of the customer.

“By merging Cap4 Lab’s extensive Mulesoft development and deployment experience with EMPAUA’s Salesforce know-how and implementation expertise, we’ll be best placed to tackle projects that harness multiple tech stacks” said Till Klotz, EMPAUA Managing Director. “There is no one-size-fits-all technology implementation. This partnership will allow us to help our customers fine-tune and implement the right technology, unique to their needs.”

“Thanks to this partnership our customer base will benefit from the best Salesforce and Mulesoft competences that are currently available in Europe allowing them to work with a unique partner that can deliver the full experience” said Mauro Rocco, Cap4 Lab CEO.

EMPAUA are made up of 60 Salesforce consultants, administrators and developers, and have implemented over 900 successful projects for over 450 startups and hypergrowth companies, including Flixbus, N26 and eGym across Europe.

Cap4 Lab boasts 28 employees with extensive experience in implementing cutting edge technologies across multiple sectors, including success stories, such as LuxAirGroup, SES and AXA. With Cap4 Lab located in Luxembourg, Munich and soon Paris, and EMPAUA in Berlin, London, Munich, Zurich, Madrid and Barcelona, the two companies are well situated to complete projects across Europe.