Cap4 Group announces the creation of two new divisions, and the appointment of a new CEO

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Cap4 Group announces the creation of two new divisions, and the appointment of a new CEO

Nicola Paone has just been appointed CEO of the newly created German entity of Cap4 Lab as well as the Group’s new division, Cap4 Cloud Europe. Nicola will operate out of the Munich office and develop both markets and activities.

Cap4 Lab is specialized in API development, change and risk management, governance processes, systems architecture and integration. Cap4 Cloud will focus essentially on providing Cloud transformation and operations, infrastructure services, multi-cloud strategies as well as the next generation of Cloud Managed Services.

“I am thrilled to join such a dynamic Group. My experience in the Cloud and IT field will allow me to link the two worlds and develop both entities further both in the German market and at a European level. We are talking about digitalization not only of the services and processes but also from the infrastructure point of view. The same applies in the Cloud world, more and more companies are planning to implement and migrate to the Cloud, whether it is private, hybrid or public one, even within the banking and Financial sector. We have a strong role to play in helping companies transform, stay secure and more especially perform”, explains Nicola Paone. 

Nicola has been working in the Cloud infrastructure field for more than 16 years, starting in a  technical role, moving to management positions and diving into the entrepreneurial world with the creation of a number of IT companies/startups. He has been focusing on leading cloud teams for delivering State-of-the-art Cloud solutions as well as leading worldwide mission critical Black-Friday operations for some of the most important International e-commerce sites. His early roles at HP, SAP and Kneip also allowed him to work in different countries, including Luxembourg.  

“I am very pleased to welcome a great talent and person like Nicola on board of the Group. He will develop the Cloud branch across Europe and also allow us to enter the German market with Cap4 Lab”, says Mauro Rocco, CEO of Cap4 Lab and part of the Management Board of Cap4 Group.

By the end of the year, both Cap4 Lab and Cap4 Cloud in Germany should grow to reach a team of 10 people, always keeping in mind the philosophy and flexibility of smaller teams, allowing a direct approach and strong proximity with the customers.

“The diversification, the opening of this new division and new office in Germany is part of our ongoing growth strategy this year. I am also proud to welcome Nicola and I am convinced he will bring a great add-on to the team”, concludes Fabien Zuili, CEO of Cap4 Group.